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Chairman's Report

This is my last Chair's report, as I will be stepping down at the AGM.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me over the period of time I have been the Chair, especially the Council and the Lay Readers. Their assistance has been invaluable and it has made the Chair's job so much easier. Before you get too excited, I'm not going anywhere, as I'll still be actively involved in the Shul and its activities.

Last Friday, 28 April 2017, was our latest Open Friday Night Service. Yet again, it proved another resounding success with nearly 50 members and visitors attending and enjoying a thoroughly good evening. I would like to thank everyone who had helped to make the evening such a success, especially Audrey, Lesley and Gillian, for preparing the magnificent range of Jewish-style food.

Looking ahead, we will be holding our Shavuot Service and Kiddush on Tuesday evening 30 May 2017. There are a couple of articles about Shavuot and the Omer on pages 4 and 6 of the newsletter which you might find informative and interesting.

Before I go, I'd like to remind you about our forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is an important part of the Shul's administration. This year the Shul Council has decided to hold the AGM on Friday 16 June, 2017 starting at 8.00pm which is just after the Friday Night Service at 7.00pm. If you are a full member of the Shul, you have a right to vote, so why don't you come and exercise this right. I'd also like to draw your attention to the nomination form for Council positions on page 11 of the newsletter. These people are responsible for the financial and administrative control of the Shul and it's vital that anyone who wants to be involved has the opportunity to do so. Please ensure that you complete the nomination form and send it back as soon as possible to the Secretary, Joanne Kearsley, and I'll see you all at the AGM.

Finally, please don't forget to come to our Friday Night and Shabbat Morning Services.
Forthcoming Events

This year's Shavuot Service and celebrations will be taking place on Tuesday evening, 30 May 2017, starting at 7.00pm.

Following the Service, there will be a Shavuot Kiddush, to which everyone is invited.
Membership Application
Members of the Synagogue shall comprise persons of the Jewish faith over the age of eighteen years, who, having applied to the Council and paid the appropriate subscription, have been accepted as Members.



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