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Chairman's Report

Well the High Holy Days were certainty different this year. As we couldn't hold our own Services, we were thankful to the Finchley Reform Synagogue for including us in their Services over the High Holy Days. I also know that a number of members took advantage of the variety of online Services run by the Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ). I am very hopeful that next year's High Holy Days will be back to 'normal' when we can all be together. The Council has therefore decided to make next year's High Holy Day a tremendous event with the help of a Student Rabbi, who can bring in a variety of approaches to the Services, which some of us have seen during this lockdown period, for you all to experience.

The Council has remained busy to ensure the Shul building, finances and members welfare are still well. Most members and friends should have received a "hello" from Laura Rhodes who is doing an tremendous job of keeping things ticking over.

In the meantime, Hull and East Riding has increasingly high infection rates in relation to Coronavirus and I urge you all to keep adhering to the Government guidelines and stay safe. Although the government is going to allow places of worship to re-open on 2nd December, this is extremely restrictive and we would not be able to perform the Services safely. We will, therefore, continue to remain closed until the MRJ tells us otherwise.

I am sure most of you will be aware that Tony Sevilla-Harland has been unwell after suffering a fall back in September. We are pleased to report that he is at home and feeling much more comfortable. Ann and Tony would also like to say thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers over the last few months. Given the years of time and dedication that Tony has given to the Shul, particularly his regular Shabbat Morning Torah readings, the Shul is going to be honouring him with a dedicated Torah cover.

The winter months are now very much upon us and we want to ensure our members and friends remain safe and well. Please do not suffer in silence and I urge you to contact any of the Council, or if Laura can help you in any way, then please do not hesitate to contact her on our new Shul mobile, 07895 269 462.

As you will all be aware, during November there is Mitzvah Day. We have already given donations to all food banks in Hull and East Yorkshire as well as Woman's Aid, as well as to the Royal British Legion. The Council would now like to give some donations to a few small charities who are in need. If you know a worthy cause and would like to nominate them, please email hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk or call Laura on 07895 269 462.

As with everything this year, Chanukah is also going to be a little different, as sadly we cannot meet in Shul and have our usual social events. Even though we can't be together that doesn't mean we can't have some treats, so look out for some Chanukah treats coming through the letterbox! On behalf of the Council, I wish you a safe and happy Chanukah at home, and hope we can make up for it next year.
Forthcoming Events

Unfortunately due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 and the government's new advice to avoid all forms of social gathering, we are following the Movement for Reform Judaism's advice to suspend all Services and social events until further notice.

We are continuing to support our members and friends and provide financial assistance to members of the wider community.

For queries and further details, please contact us on 07895 269 462 or at hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk

School & Educational Visits
Ne've Shalom Synagogue is committed to educating the wider community about Judaism.

Each year over hundreds of pupils, students and adults come to learn some basic knowledge about Judaism. As part of the visit, they are shown Jewish artifacts and are taught about the traditions and rituals concerning our faith. We receive many compliments regarding the service that we offer and the schools and other institutions appear to enjoy the time spent this way.

Many groups return every year, so it is proving to be a popular event in the curriculum. We cater for all age groups from Primary to Secondary to Higher Education, adapting the programme to suit.

Although there is no charge, as all the guides are willing volunteers, we are always grateful for a discretionary donation to cover the costs of running the Synagogue.

For further information or to book a visit please contact us on (01482) 658312 or at hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk



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