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Chairman's Report

Sadly, I have to report the loss of our oldest member, Malcolm Shields, who died at the beginning of January aged 91. Malcolm was a tremendous supporter of our Shul and, on behalf of us all, I would like to wish his partner Wendy and his daughter, Janine, and her partner Alison, 'Long Life'. There was a splendid turnout for Malcolm's funeral and I would like to thank Ian for conducting the Service and to thank Audrey, Lesley, Sarah and Helen for preparing and serving the refreshments in the Shul Hall following the Service.

We held our Chanukah Service and Kiddush on Friday 27 December 2019, which was the sixth night of Chanukah. Ian took a splendid Service and the range of Chanukah-related foods, especially the fish balls, was tremendous. I would like to thank Audrey, Gillian, Aimi and Elaine for all their work and to all those who attended.

Our next events are the Tu B'Shevat Seder on Sunday 9 February and our splendid Friday Night Open Service on 21 February 2020. Further details on the Open Service can be found on Page 3. Details about the Tu B'Shevat Seder can be found on page 4.

With regard to the opening and closing of the building on a Friday night, the Council reviewed the situation at the meeting on 21 January 2020. Although the present system was working relatively well, the Council decided to advertise for someone to be responsible for the security of the building, especially before, during and after the Services. This would be a paid position and depending on the calibre of applicant, further responsibilities might be considered. Further information on this vacancy can be found on page 3.

Finally, don't forget that we continue to hold our Friday Night Services every week at 7.00pm and our Shabbat Morning Services at 10.30am on the first Saturday of the month.

Finally, please don't forget to come to our Friday Night services at 7.00pm and Shabbat Morning Services at 10.30am.
Forthcoming Events

Following the huge success of previous Open Friday Night Services, the next one will take place on Friday 21 February 2020 starting at 7.00pm. What makes this Service different from the normal Friday Night service is the running commentary from those leading the Service explaining the nature of the prayers being recited, their background, origin and the traditional rituals being observed. After the Service, and following the Brachot over the wine and bread, there will be the Kiddush with a wide range of "Jewish-style" foods.

There also will be opportunity to look around the Synagogue, talk to those members present and examine the Ark, Scrolls and other artefacts.

School & Educational Visits
Ne've Shalom Synagogue is committed to educating the wider community about Judaism.

Each year over hundreds of pupils, students and adults come to learn some basic knowledge about Judaism. As part of the visit, they are shown Jewish artifacts and are taught about the traditions and rituals concerning our faith. We receive many compliments regarding the service that we offer and the schools and other institutions appear to enjoy the time spent this way.

Many groups return every year, so it is proving to be a popular event in the curriculum. We cater for all age groups from Primary to Secondary to Higher Education, adapting the programme to suit.

Although there is no charge, as all the guides are willing volunteers, we are always grateful for a discretionary donation to cover the costs of running the Synagogue.

For further information or to book a visit please contact us on (01482) 658312 or at hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk



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