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Chairman's Report

I would like to wish our Life President, Ian Sugarman, a massive Mazel Tov on duly been elected as the Chairman of the Reform Movement's Northern Network. Ian and I travelled to Southport Reform Synagogue on Sunday 4 November 2018 for the Northern Chairs meeting and all the members present, and those on Skype, voted to elect Ian.

Thank you to all our members who have phoned / emailed about the plaque dedication for Geoffrey Levy and Aubrey Gordon. As I said in the last Shofar Shalom, we would not have our wonderful traditional Shul now if it was not for the hard work of Geoff and Aubrey.

We have now appointed our new caretaker, Chris Cassidy (assisted by Shirley), who is currently working right through the Shul, cleaning and repairing fixtures and fittings. You can see the difference, as the Shul is starting to look much cleaner and fresher now.

The stone setting for the late Thelma Kelsey will take place at Tranby Lane Cemetery 11.30am on Sunday 25 November 2018.

Also on Sunday 25 November at 2.00pm, we are dimming our lights for another one of our fantastic film shows. This event is free of charge and open to all. Further details can be found on page 3.

On Saturday 8 December, we are holding our Chanukah Service at 7.00pm and, following on from this, we are having a race night. The winning team will receive an unforgettable prize. This event is open to both members and their friends. If you also fancy a fish and chip lunch the next day, 9 December, please pop along to Pryme Street Synagogue at around 1.00pm.

Thank you to Aimi for leading a truly moving memorial service for victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. We wish all the affected families a long life.

Humberside Police have confirmed that they will be patrolling the area during our services. We must keep the Shul door locked at all times and we have now changed the door code on the Shul door for added security. Senior members of the Council and key holders have the new code. Members and visitors are kindly asked to ring the bell to gain access to the Shul. Our Hon. Treasurer is also looking into drawing down some funding from the CST (Community Security Trust) with a view to providing a security guard to patrol the exterior of the Synagogue during services.

Deborah Wrapson continues to do a sterling job co-ordinating the school and educational visits. If any members would like to offer to help with these visits, please contact Deborah or see her in Shul.

Don't forget that we continue to hold our Friday Night Services every week at 7.00pm and our Shabbat Morning Services at 10.30am on the first Saturday of the month.
Forthcoming Events

Following the huge success of previous Open Friday Night Services, the next one will take place on Friday 22 February 2019 starting at 7.00pm. What makes this Service different from the normal Friday Night service is the running commentary from those leading the Service explaining the nature of the prayers being recited, their background, origin and the traditional rituals being observed.

After the Service, and following the Brachot over the wine and bread, there will be the Kiddush with a wide range of "Jewish-style" foods. There also will be opportunity to look around the Synagogue, talk to those members present and examine the Ark, Scrolls and other artefacts.

If you wish to attend, can you please ring Audrey on 01482 563835, or e-mail hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk giving your name and the number of people accompanying you, if any. This will help us with the catering.

School & Educational Visits
Ne've Shalom Synagogue is committed to educating the wider community about Judaism.

Each year over hundreds of pupils, students and adults come to learn some basic knowledge about Judaism. As part of the visit, they are shown Jewish artifacts and are taught about the traditions and rituals concerning our faith. We receive many compliments regarding the service that we offer and the schools and other institutions appear to enjoy the time spent this way.

Many groups return every year, so it is proving to be a popular event in the curriculum. We cater for all age groups from Primary to Secondary to Higher Education, adapting the programme to suit.

Although there is no charge, as all the guides are willing volunteers, we are always grateful for a discretionary donation to cover the costs of running the Synagogue.

For further information or to book a visit please contact us on (01482) 658312 or at hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk



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