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Chairman's Report

Another busy month at Ne've Shalom and our Friday evening Services still continue to be well represented by our by members of our community. Malcolm arranged for a speaker from Dove House Hospice (Dan Clipson) to come and give a talk about the amazing work the Hospice under take each year. Thank you Malcolm.

On Sunday the 18 August we had a Kosher field trip to Manchester. In total 14 members from Ne've Shalom travelled by mini bus to the Jewish area of Manchester. We visited Brackman's Bakery, Eichier's Jewish gift shop, Judacia World, then on for a two-course lunch at JS Restaurant. We then went and cleared the fridges and freezers in the Shefa Medadrin Kosher supermarket. I have received much positive feedback from members who enjoyed the outing. Sadly mine, Micha and Aimi's credit cards did not enjoy it too much. Thank you to Helen for arranging the splendid day out.

We are now in the early stages of planning a trip to London to see The Prince of Egypt in May 2020. More details on page 4 of the newsletter.

We are opening our Shul doors to the public for the Hull Heritage Open Day on Sunday 15 September 2019 from 10.00am until 4.00pm. If any members or friends can help please contact me on 01482 330510 or 07736 397858 or email andy@hsts.co.uk. More details can be found on page 3 of the newsletter.

Our High Holy Days are now approaching fast and Ian is busy sorting out the Service leaders, along with Audrey who is arranging the Mitzvots for this year's splendid services. The Shul Council have decided to nominate Aimi and Audrey Sugarman for this year's Simchat Torah honours for the outstanding commitment they have both given to the Shul.

Finally, don't forget that we continue to hold our Friday Night Services every week at 7.00pm and our Shabbat Morning Services at 10.30am on the first Saturday of the month.
Forthcoming Events

HULL HERITAGE OPEN DAY Established in 1994, Heritage Open Days is England's contribution to the European Heritage Days and has since grown into the country's largest heritage festival.

Every September, Heritage Open Days (organised centrally by the National Trust, and locally by civic societies and other amenity bodies) opens historic buildings and provides events such as walks and talks. Locally, this is done by the Beverley Civic Society in conjunction with Hull Civic Society. The initiative encourages the public to come and see buildings not usually open, take part in historic area walks, listen to short talks, etc. Everything is free, including the brochure of events.

For more details and to receive a free brochure please contact John Netherwood, the Projects Director of Hull Civic Society o (01482) 653 657 or at opendays@hullcivicsoc.info

On Sunday morning 15 September 2019 at 10.00am, Ne've Shalom will again be opening its doors to the public, as one of the officially recognised Heritage Open Day events. We will be providing an opportunity for visitors to look around the Synagogue, talk to those members present and examine the Ark, Scrolls and other artefacts. Last year, this proved to be an extremely popular event with the public, as we had over 60 visitors to the Shul.

Although we already have some volunteers to assist us, if you do wish to help us to meet and greet, please contact Andy on either 01482 330 510 or 07736 397 858 or at andy@hsts.co.uk
School & Educational Visits
Ne've Shalom Synagogue is committed to educating the wider community about Judaism.

Each year over hundreds of pupils, students and adults come to learn some basic knowledge about Judaism. As part of the visit, they are shown Jewish artifacts and are taught about the traditions and rituals concerning our faith. We receive many compliments regarding the service that we offer and the schools and other institutions appear to enjoy the time spent this way.

Many groups return every year, so it is proving to be a popular event in the curriculum. We cater for all age groups from Primary to Secondary to Higher Education, adapting the programme to suit.

Although there is no charge, as all the guides are willing volunteers, we are always grateful for a discretionary donation to cover the costs of running the Synagogue.

For further information or to book a visit please contact us on (01482) 658312 or at hullreform@isa.karoo.co.uk



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