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Chairman's Report

Well, we are finally back on Friday 3rd September 2021 and I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. For the time being, Friday Night Services will be starting at 6.00pm and Shabbat Morning Services remaining at 10.30am. This change is in response to many members requesting an earlier starting time for a Friday Night Service.

Although being back is tremendous news, I am delighted to report that we have been allocated a Student Rabbi, Eleanor Davies, for the next twelve months. Eleanor will be leading the High Holy Days and Sukkot Services, as well as the Friday Night and Shabbat Morning Services in December 2021 and February, April, June and August 2022. I know that many of our members having been asking for a Student Rabbi and I hope that those, and the rest of our members, attend her Services and fully support her and the Shul.

Regarding our 'welcome back' Friday Night Service on 3rd September 2021, we have put in place a number of safety precautions and guidance which you can find on page 5 of our newsletter.

In order to properly plan this first Service back, could you please let Laura know that you wish to attend by phoning or texting 07895 269 462 (leave a message if there's no answer) or e-mailing laura.hullreform@gmail.com no later than Wednesday 1st September.

Having considered the guidance from the Movement of Reform Judaism (MRJ) and current Government recommendations, the Council had decided to open Services to full members and their family only. ID cards will be used to gain access to Services and these will have been sent to all full members of Ne've Shalom with this edition of the Shofar Shalom. This policy will be reviewed by the Council in six months.

We are only a few weeks away from the High Holy Days Services. Hopefully, Laura has contacted you to find out your availability for Ark openings and readings over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. A full mitzvot list will be produced shortly and sent to those who are taking part.

Finally, I look forward to see you again at our 'welcome back' Friday Night Service on 3rd September 2021.
Forthcoming Events

This year, we are delighted to announce that the High Holy Day Services will be led by Student Rabbi, Eleanor Davis supported by members providing readings during parts of the Services.

All Services will take place at Ne've Shalom, the Hull Reform Synagogue, Great Gutter Lane (West) in Willerby and members are reminded that all Services will start promptly.

Although ID cards will be used for admission, it would be much appreciated if members bringing out-of-town family could inform Laura by phoning or texting 07895 269462 (leave a message if there's no answer) or e-mailing laura.hullreform@gmail.com in good time prior to the day of the Service, as this might save any embarrassment on the day. Once the Service has started, the gates to car park will be locked and the Security Officer will be patrolling the grounds. If required, they can unlock the car park gates. The outer door to the Shul will also be secured and the CCTV will be used to identify late-comers.

The dates and times of the Services in September are as follows:

Mon 6 @ 7.00pm Erev Rosh Hashanah
Tue 7 @ 10.30am Rosh Hashanah
Wed 15 @7.00pm Kol Nidre
Thu 16 @ 11.00am Yom Kippur
Mon 20 @ 7.00pm Erev Sukkot
Tue 21 @ 10.30am Sukkot
Mon 27 @ 7.00pm Erev Simchat Torah
Tue 28 @ 10.30am Simchat Torah

With regard to mitzvot and lay readings for the Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur Services, individual lists will be sent out to all those members who have confirmed their availability. To assist you to estimate the time of your mitzvot/reading, the approximate service timings for Yom Kippur are detailed below.

11.00am Morning Service (Shachrit)
12.45pm Torah Service
1.45pm Additional Service (Mussaf)
3.30pm Conclusion of Mussaf
5.00pm Afternoon Service (Mincha)
6.30pm Memorial Service (Yizkor)
7.15pm Concluding Service (Nilah)
8.00pm Fast and Service concludes

For one reason or another these High Holy Days are maybe going to be quite challenging for some. We have not been together for some 18 months and this is going to take some readjustment. We have also sadly lost some of our key members of the Shul. If you are struggling, please do not do so in silence. We have refurbished the 'snug room' which will be a safe space for quite reflection or a moment alone. You are also more than welcome to take time in the classroom or outside in the grounds. If you do need any help or support please contact Laura or Student Rabbi Eleanor who will be able to help.

School & Educational Visits
Ne've Shalom Synagogue is committed to educating the wider community about Judaism.

Each year over hundreds of pupils, students and adults come to learn some basic knowledge about Judaism. As part of the visit, they are shown Jewish artifacts and are taught about the traditions and rituals concerning our faith. We receive many compliments regarding the service that we offer and the schools and other institutions appear to enjoy the time spent this way.

Many groups return every year, so it is proving to be a popular event in the curriculum. We cater for all age groups from Primary to Secondary to Higher Education, adapting the programme to suit.

Although there is no charge, as all the guides are willing volunteers, we are always grateful for a discretionary donation to cover the costs of running the Synagogue.

For further information or to book a visit please contact us on 07895 269462 (leave a message if there's no answer) or e-mail laura.hullreform@gmail.com



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