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On 15 September 2019, numerous Hull and East Riding buildings, communities and places of worship opened their doors to welcome Heritage Open Day visitors. The following article was written by Sarah James, who was one of the Ne've Shalom team of educators.


Having had a very successful event during last year's Heritage Open Day, the Shul again opened its doors to visitors.


As with the previous year, we had a steady flow of people, many of whom said they had also visited Pryme Street, so it was interesting for our guided tours of our Shul to include information relating to the Reform Movement and its similarities and differences with Orthodoxy.
















The Shul was very warm and welcoming, with a splendid array of choice refreshments treats on offer. In addition to all the wonderful food, there was another table displaying our siddurim; Hebrew Alef-Bet books; our shoferot; and many other examples of our religious and ceremonial objects – all of which seemed of great interest to our visitors.


Guided tours were also given, and the Torah scrolls were on the Bimah, and the Ark open for all to see and respect.  One of the loveliest aspects for visitors was our new Quiet Room, freshly-painted and furnished, and several people made use of this.


Overall, it was a very beneficial event to have participated in, and it is hoped we will be able to do so again next year. 


For those interested in knowing about the many other sites and events that took place, please follow this hyperlink:






Finally, a very big thank you to all those who organised and volunteered for the event, especially Aimi, Andy, Audrey, Christine, Di, Elaine, Henry and Ian and everyone who helped to make the day yet another success. "Toda raba!"




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