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Calendar of Events


The following forthcoming events are taking place during January, February and March 2019:






This year's event will be held on Sunday 27 January 2019 at 2.00pm at the Guildhall, Hull.


We are privileged to have a Klezmer Group coming from Sheffield, who will sing the story of the Holocaust. They will present a programme of live music led by Yiddish singer Phil Tomlinson and his Klezmorim in commemoration of those who were murdered in the Holocaust, and all those who have suffered from genocide, war and persecution. These will include Jewish songs from the Holocaust, with a particular focus on songs that were composed or performed in the ghettos that preceded the Nazi death camps.


These songs are intermingled with traditional tunes, together with brief readings. Translations will be provided for the songs and readings. Together the programme conveys life, love, loss, despair, nostalgia, resistance and hope.


In addition, we shall have three students from the Irene Sendler School, the Polish school in Hull, to give a short presentation of the theme for this year, which is 'Torn From Home'.





For information, to all the friends of the Friendly Circle, the next events in our calendar will be held at the Pryme Street Synagogue on Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 2.00pm


There will be entertainment followed by the usual sumptuous repast. We would love to see all our usual friends plus anyone else who would enjoy a special afternoon, especially the younger members of the community.


For further details or to request a lift to this events, please contact Harold Flasher, Chairman of HJCC, on (01482) 655 537 or 07766 416 605, (or indeed, any member of the committee)





Following the huge success of previous Open Friday Night Services, the next one will take place on Friday 22 February 2019 starting at 7.00pm.


What makes this Service different from the normal Friday Night service is the running commentary from those leading the Service explaining the nature of the prayers being recited, their background, origin and the traditional rituals being observed.


After the Service, and following the Brachot over the wine and bread, there will be the Kiddush with a wide range of "Jewish-style" foods. There also will be opportunity to look around the Synagogue, talk to those members present and examine the Ark, Scrolls and other artefacts





This year's Purim celebrations will be taking place on Wednesday evening, 20 March 2019, starting at 7.00pm. As usual, the Purim Service and reading of the Megillah Esther will be conducted by members of the congregation. Fancy dress is optional, but it is Purim after all, and a prize will be awarded to the best dressed.


Although the Purim tradition is that you must be so intoxicated that you are unable to tell Haman from Mordechai, no spirits or strong alcohol will be provided, only Kiddush wine. Please make every effort to attend what should be a fun evening.





Following our recent successful film showing of "Sixty Six", there will be a showing of the film "Yentl" in the Shul hall at the Ne've Shalom Synagogue.


Rebbe Mendel (Nehemiah Persoff) is a single father who teaches the Talmud, a sacred text of Judaism, to the boys of his small Polish town. Behind closed doors, he also instructs his daughter, Yentl (Barbra Streisand), despite the fact that girls are forbidden to study religious scripture. When Yentl's father dies, she still has a strong desire to learn about her faith - so she disguises herself as a male, enrols in a religious school, and unexpectedly finds love along the way. If you wish to view the 'trailer', it can be found at https://youtu.be/iUUILOhBRCw


The event is taking place on Sunday 24 March 2019 at 2.00pm and is free to anyone wishing to attend. Free soft drinks and popcorn will be provided. If you wish to attend, please ring (01482) 658312 with your name and the number of people in your 'party'.


This is a communal event for all and one not to be missed as it contains many memorable Barbara Streisand songs and the screenplay is written by Jack Rosenthal.



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