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Calendar of Events


The following forthcoming events are taking place during October, November and December 2018:





For information, to all the friends of the Friendly Circle, the next events in our calendar will be held at the Pryme Street Synagogue on Wednesday 24 October 2018 at 2.00pm


There will be entertainment, as well as the usual sumptuous repast. HJCC will be delighted to welcome you all, especially the younger members of the community.


For further details or to request a lift to this events, please contact Harold Flasher, Chairman of HJCC, on (01482) 655 537 or 07766 416 605, (or indeed, any member of the committee).





Following our recent successful film showings, there will be a showing of the film "Sixty Six" in the Shul hall at the Ne've Shalom Synagogue.


Bernie Reubens, a young Jewish boy, is about to have his Barmitzvah. Initially, he meticulously plans a lavish reception to upstage that of his older brother Alvie, but as the family's finances lurch from one disaster to another, the family is forced to lower Bernie's expectations and stage the Barmitzvah reception at home in North London.


When England reaches the 1966 football World Cup Final, most of the guests make excuses not to come to the reception so that they can watch the game. If you wish to view the 'trailer', it can be found at https://youtu.be/SL7pNPk8hyI


The event is taking place on Sunday 25 November 2018 at 2.00pm and is free to anyone wishing to attend. Free soft drinks and popcorn will be provided. If you wish to attend, please ring (01482) 658312 with your name and the number of people in your 'party'.


This is a communal event for all and one not to be missed as it's written by Jack Rosenthal.





This year, we are holding our Chanukah Service, and a very special Chanukah Kiddush and Social Evening, on Saturday evening, 8 December 2018 starting at 7.00pm. As this is also the seventh night of Chanukah, we will be lighting our giant Chanukiah.


Following the Service and in keeping with tradition, there is the opportunity to sample Chanukah-style food, such as fried fish balls, latkes and donuts. We will then be holding a 'race night' to which everyone is welcome to come along. Although betting on the result of horse races will be taking place, this will be using 'monopoly money' to place bets. The team making the most money over the eight screened races will be the winner. Please make every effort to attend what should be a fun evening


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