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These classes of membership do not allow access to the Synagogue's burial insurance scheme.

Associate Membership is given to those who are not of the Jewish faith and are undergoing conversion or wish to participate in educational activities such as the Hebrew and/or Conversion classes.

Friends shall comprise persons, whether or not of the Jewish Faith, who having applied to the Council and paid the appropriate subscription are accepted as Friends of the Synagogue. Applications shall not be unreasonably refused.

Associates and Friends do not have the same rights as Full Members, but can attend Services, receive support from the Synagogue and are sent the newsletter free of charge.

The subscriptions for the year ending 31.3.2022. will be:

Associate membership: £170.00 (membership only)
Friend: £50.00 (membership only)



Ne've Shalom
Great Gutter Lane
HU10 6DP



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